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Product name : Colored acrylic PMMA sheet
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 Ayer plastic Co., Ltd. is a diversified acrylic products manufacturer and wholesaler located in Guangdong, China, we specialize in the manufacture of acrylic products, plastic products and PC products, including acrylic tube (extrusion and cast), acrylic rods (extrusion and cast), acrylic sheets (extrusion and cast), light guide plate, acrylic boxes, acrylic tissue boxes,acrylic photo frame,acrylic mirror,acrylic fish aquarium,acrylic display shelf,plastic tube and PC tube, acrylic tube diameter 8mm to 500mm, the acrylic sheets thickness 1mm to 30mm,the acrylic rod diameter 2mm to 150mm,and can be customized to any color and cut any size.


We only offer the highest quality crystal clear acrylic plexiglass sheet available.

*Cut to size at a very reasonable price.

*There is no need to cut the sheet yourself and risk breaking the sheet. We will custom cut it to your specifications and ship it to you.

*We even offer quantity discounts!

*Acrylic plexiglass sheet is 10 times stronger than glass and half the weight!

*Light Transmission:Clear, colorless acrylic plexiglass sheet has a luminous transmittance of 92%. It is clearer than glass and will not yellow under normal exposure.

*Weather Resistance:Acrylic plexiglass sheet will withstand exposure to blazing sun, extreme cold, sudden temperature changes, salt water spray, etc.

*Lightweight: Acrylic plexiglass sheet is light, having only half the weight of glass and 43% the weight of aluminum.

*Rigidity: Acrylic plexiglass sheet does not have the rigidity of glass or metals. However, it is more rigid than many other transparent plastics such as acetates, , polycarbonate, and polyester.

*UV Light Resistance:Clear acrylic plexiglass sheet resists ultraviolet light degradation. Each acrylic sheet will last years and years without yellowing or loss of light transmission.

*Paper Masking: All of our sheets are protected by a paper or plastic masking. Paper masking is always superior to a film masking. It allows you to cut, sand and move the sheet without getting the sheet scratched. The paper masking stays in place until your project is done.

Simply order the sheet size larger than the size needed, give us your exact size when asked and we will ship the sheets to your door. We cut in increments of 0.15mm.


Acrylic Product Application


1.Building applications: windows, soundproof windows and doors,the dome, telephone booths, etc.

2.Advertising applications: light boxes, signs, signage, exhibition, etc.

3.Transportation: train, automobile vehicle doors and windows

4.Medical applications: infant incubators, a variety of surgical medicaldevices

5.Civilian goods: sanitary facilities, arts and crafts, cosmetics, andstand, aquarium, etc.

6.Industrial applications: surface of the instrument panel cover, etc.

7.Lighting applications: fluorescent lamps, chandeliers, Street lamp shade,etc.


Acrylic sheets can be used in manyplaces, and we provide a lot of different diameter, as well as the free cuttingany size.


Welcome E-mail to inquiry and order.



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